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​​​Paddle the Futaleufu River

with the experts!

Asados, gauchos, and drinking maté ...just the  beginning of your authentic immersion into the local culture that remains intact and charming!

​Austr​al summer:  December through March 

Patagonia dreaming....

You will enjoy yoga, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, spa olympics, and star gazing around a camp fire!

We are amongst the very first to pioneer rafting the Futaleufu with self bailing paddle rafts, guided by world class guides with oars on stern mounts and with a safety net down stream comprising of safety catarafts and safety kayakers. The volume of the Fu and the swift current put this river in a league of its own for white water rafting!  We established the bar and are raising it as we gain experience, perspective and innovate safety standards. 

Multi sport Adventure