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Paddle the Fu


We have been running the Fu for 30 years with an impeccable safety record!

We are amongst the very first to pioneer rafting the Futaleufu with self bailing paddle rafts, rowed by  world class river guides with a "safety net" of rescue catarafts and  expert kayakers. The volume of the Fu and the swift current puts this river in a league of its own for white water rafting! We have established the safety bar and are raising it as we gain experience, perspective and innovate safety practices.  

Multi Sport Adventure

You will enjoy yoga, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, spa olympics, and star gazing around a campfire. 

Patagonia Dreaming 

Asados, gauchos, and drinking mate…Just the beginning of your authentic immersion into local culture that remains intact and charming!

Join us during Austral summer- December through March

Delicious Dinners
wonderful cuisine from local ingredients
Woolen products made by the locals
Asado Area, pizza oven
& Fire Pit
Horse back riding to a lovely Refugio
Horse Ride
Futa Love
2 Outdoor Hot-tubs & a Sauna
FLush toilets
Hot showers
Rafting on the Futaleufu River
Star gazing

Dear Laurence,Terry, Marc, and the rest of the Bio Bio Team, 

You have all built such special place here at the Amazingly beautiful food look good. seeing the love you all have for this place radiates throughout the rest of the camp, crew, and guest. Thank you for welcoming us like family; we are so grateful to spend this time with you all. We have felt so safe and comfortable with our guides and Stancito AKA "Stangi” AKA” “Roxanne” AKA “Buckets”! We truly can not thank you enough for such a magical week and we will count the moments until we can return and join you again. However long it takes us it will be worth every second. Gracias!

Lots of love, 

Amber & Chris 2022

Firepit and camp songs
Class V

This has been an epic adventure for me and my family.  Thank you for welcoming us into this incredible extended Fu Family!  The love, hospitality, & warmth you have all extended has been worderful.  Now, The Food!  Phenominal home cooking flowed freely!  YUM!  

Alina & Doug 2022

Paddle the Fu
Futa Love

It started with a stunningly beautiful plane ride from Puerto Montt to Chaiten and got better. Arriving at camp, we could not believe the setup, the mountains, the hills, and of course the Futaleufu; Paradise.. and it got better, the people. Lorenzo toured us around this incredible family / adventure/ way of life, he has built  with the help of many.  We met our tent captains, and loved their energy and connection to each other and this place.  And there was more, Jenner Fox!  A gift to Bio Bio and us all.  Derik, our trip leader, gentle and competent all after 4 planes and 2 travels days, it was all worth it for this amazing and unforgettable week.  We loved everything and everyone.  We love you all. 

Annie & Cindy (mother/daugher) 2020

Best Rafting in South America
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