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Come see the world with us 

We at Bio Bio would be honored and delighted to have you choose our unique and wonderful “Fu camp” for your rafting or kayak group. Our camp is quite comfortable with hot showers, two hot tubs, yoga decks, a lounge, a library, Africa-style safari tents with beds and down duvets and pillows, 600 thread count linens, and locally made wool blankets, furniture, and Peruvian Rugs. 


We dine al fresco fireside and along family-style long wooden tables. Where else can you eat 3 meals, have beer and wine (open bar) and espresso, pizzas out of our handbuilt wood-burning oven, while sleeping next to the river in a bed, in a huge spacious tent with no worries of rain, wind, or too much sun?

It is paradise. 


There is something pictures do not show.  It is the intangible of the “friendly atmosphere” of camp life at Bio Bio .  It is perhaps our finest attribute.  The international mix of river guides, the Chilenos cooking for us…the smiles just don’t stop. You will not want to leave. 

 Thank you for an absolutely amazing week! We felt so welcome con grande abrazos and so cared for, both on the water and off. The lines on the water were spectacular, the food was delicious, and we especially loved that you made kayak Clinic part III happen! What an excellent honeymoon for us!

Paul & Sylvia 2022

WOW!  What an extraordinary team, assembled on the banks of the most beautiful Wild river, with amazing attention to details - cabins, food, fun, itinerary, beer / wine / bar / brewery. We are so impressed by the family-like camaraderie and genuine love for the camp and the Futa we felt among you.  And to enjoy the company once again of the lbanez's brothers, Stancito and Jorge after our trip  7 years ago speaks to the Fantastic Team you put together here. 

We had the most amazing time. The best week ever!

Larissa & Randy 2020

Opening Season 2019 Futaleufu!

Stansational! What more to say than that!...

This week was a blast!  The team was amazing (so were the guests if I may say so:) )

The rivers, the yoga, the sauna, the hot tub, what a list...

Thank you for everything again. 

I had a Futaleufu time!!!!


Ines 2019

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